Jamaica Wells and Services Limited was founded in 1970. With over 45 years of experience, this small yet dynamic Company has grown over the years and now is considered Jamaica's premier Well Drilling Company, with hundreds of successfully constructed wells.

Our areas of expertise have also grown and now include electrical and mechanical services such as:

Well drilling in diameters ranging from 153mm to 610mm, to depths from 15m to 366m.
Well testing to 1,022 m3/h
Well rehabilitation, redevelopment and cleaning
Well Tele-logging Services
Water system design & consultation
Pump & motor sales to included Water Meters, Valves, Pipes and Pipe Fittings.
Supply, installation and servicing of pumps and motors
Installation of water mains ranging in diameters from 75mm to 900mm

What sets us apart from the rest:

We are a grade one listed contractor with the National Contracts Commission in Well Drilling, this is the highest grade achievable.
We are the only certified well drilling Company in Jamaica, accreditation from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).
We are the local distributor for Flowserve Pumps, Ingersoll-Dresser Pumps, Byron Jackson Pumps, Durco Pumps, Worthington Pumps & Ruhrpumpen.
We not only design, supply and install pumps for Water Resources but also for the Petroleum, Hydrocarbon Processing, Chemical, Power, Mining and General Industry.
We offer a 24-hour emergency response services to our valued customers throughout the island.
We have for hire the only two 1,170-cfm at 350-psi Air Compressors in Jamaica.
We are well equipped, with the latest and most advanced well drilling equipment in the industry, the Foremost Dual Rotary DR24.

With the Foremost Dual Rotary drill rig and its unique design and capabilities we are able to offer all these services in the following applications:

Water Well Applications
Municipal & Agricultural Water Wells
Domestic Water Wells
Well Abandonment and Casing
Well Casing Recovery

Construction Applications
Soil Classification and Investigation

General Building Foundation Construction
Land Reclamation Projects
Bridge Supports
Hydraulic Elevator Shaft Drilling
Dam Construction and Rehabilitation
Dock/Wharf Construction
Drilling In Populated Urban Areas

Environmental Applications
Monitoring Wells
Re-Charge Wells
Environmental Sampling
Exploratory Drilling

This July 2017 we celebrate 47 years in business and in response to customer demand we are proud to announce our ability to now drill (6”) 153mm; (8”) 204mm; (10”) 254mm and (12”) 305mm diameter wells or bore holes to depths ranging from (600 feet) 184 meter to (1,000 feet) 305 meter. This is in addition to our already wide selection of diameters offered. What does this mean for our customers? Well to be frank, drilling smaller diameter holes translates to cheaper construction options plain and simple. These smaller diameter holes can be used for a variety of services such as Well Construction, Exploratory Drilling, Soil Classification and Investigation.

We are Well Equipped and in continuation of our tradition these new tools will give us the ability to complete wells in diameters as small as (4”) 102mm to as large as (20”) 508mm. We are the only Company in the island to offer these products and services with the capacity, capability, equipment and knowhow of drilling in all formations such as Clay, Sand & Gravel, Bolder & Solid Rock. This will make a world of difference especially when it comes down to Soil Classification and Investigation capabilities. We do it faster and straighter than anyone else in Jamaica bar none.

Our many years of experience and know how has resulted in a strong repeat customer base, rooted in customer satisfaction and success.For more information on our products and services, we invite you to email us at info@jamaicawells.com We remain poised and ready to serve.


Water Resources Authority
"This letter serves to confirm that Jamaica Wells & Services Limited has been involved in the water sector as a well drilling company/pump supplier with over forty-two years of experience and service to the country. The Water Resources Authority (WRA) has been associated with Jamaica Wells and Services on numerous projects throughout the island. These projects include well drilling and rehabilitation, yield testing and pump installation. The authority has found Jamaica Wells and Services to be most professional in undertaking the contracts/projects within their purview. The Water Resources Authority without hesitation or reservation, recommend them as a company with the skill, expertise and requisite equipment needed to perform at a high level of professionalism."
- Basil Fernandez O.D., J.P. Managing Director.

Rural Water Supply Ltd.
"This serves to confirm that Jamaica Wells and Services Limited has been engaged by Rural Water Supply Limited for many years to carry out well drilling works and well related projects on several water supply systems implementation throughout the island. We have over the years, received excellent service from the Company and its staff members whom have exhibited very high levels of professionalism in all aspects of their technical expertise and in the timely execution of their obligations. It is in this regard that we unhesitatingly recommend Jamaica Wells and Services Limited and ask that you extend the usual courtesies required."
- Audley Thompson Managing Director.

National Water Commission
"It is with pleasure that we write this letter of reference on behalf of Jamaica Wells & Services Ltd. We have been associated with Jamaica Wells & Services Ltd. for many years, they have functioned in various capacities such as Well Drilling, Testing, Well Tele-logging, Well Rehabilitation, the supply and installation of pumps, motors and motor control centres. It has been our experience that their professionalism and ability to perform is unquestionable. We therefore recommend this Company as a worthy candidate for your consideration."
- Angela Munroe Hydrogeologist.

National Irrigation Commission Limited
"This letter serves to confirm that Jamaica Wells and Services Limited have been contracted by the National Irrigation Commission for well drilling projects during the period January 2009 to August 2011 in the parishes of St. Elizabeth, St. Thomas and Manchester. These projects have been successfully completed and during that time we have developed an excellent working relationship with the company."
- Tafari Burry Director of Finance & Corporate Planning.

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